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Career Fair Events

Batavia HS Hiring Fair
GVEP Batavia Open House
GVEP Batavia Open House

Participating in a career fair event is an easy way for employers to promote their industry and begin recruiting the next generation of employees. It also provides middle and high school students the opportunity to meet and network with many recruiters, gather information from employers from a broad spectrum of industries, explore a variety of careers in a non-intimidating environment, and learn about an organization's hiring procedures and job openings.  Genesee County schools typically host a couple of career fairs throughout the school year and most career fair events are held in the gymnasium or library where each company is provided a table and chairs.  Each presenter is encouraged to bring a display and informational pamphlets of their college/university, career, business, or organization.  

Possible student career fair questions may include...

  • What's your job title?

  • What are your responsibilities?

  • What product or service do you or your company perform?

  • What does a typical work day look like for you?

  • How many hours do you work each day/week?

  • Is there variety in your work?

  • What is your work environment like?

  • What do you like or dislike about your career?

  • How did you decide on your career?

  • Is there an entry level job for your career?

  • What educational preparation do you need for your career?

  • What skills or personal traits do you need for your career?

  • What's the employment outlook look like for your career?

  • Where can students get more information on your career?

  • Are there summer jobs or internships?

  • What is the pay range for your career?

  • What benefits (health, retirement, etc.) are offered at your company?

For more information on upcoming career fair events, please contact Karyn Winters at

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