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Junior Achievement

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Frequently Asked Volunteer Questions

What do I teach?

All Junior Achievement (JA) programs focus on financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship concepts and skills.  JA volunteers are provided with all necessary teaching materials and tools, including scripted lesson plans!  Our volunteers are strongly encouraged to share their own "real world" experiences with students while facilitating the lessons.

Who participates in JA?

JA currently works with 150 schools in the WNY area.  Programs typically occur at the request of someone in the school community (teacher, counselor, administrator, etc.).  JA also partners with community organizations as well for after school programming.  Our grades K-12 programs enhance the relevance of classroom learning and increase students' understanding of the value of staying in school (please scroll down on the page for more information on JA programs).  For more information on how you can request a JA program in your school or after school program, click HERE.

What is the time commitment?
  • One hour training provided to all new volunteers.

  • JA lessons are approximately 30-45 minutes long.

    • Elementary Grades (K-5): 5 lessons

    • Middle Grades (6-8): 6 lessons

    • High School (9-12): 7 lessons

      • JA Personal Finance = 5 lessons

  • Volunteers and teachers are put in contact with each other to determine a lesson schedule.

    • The most common way to schedule JA lessons is once a week - but this varies often based on the preference of the volunteer and teacher. ​

Other important things to know about volunteering with JA...
  • Team teaching is an option - consider volunteering with a friend!  You can either co-teach all the lessons or work out a rotation schedule.

  • Volunteers can select a school that works best for them.  For more information on the JA programs in need of a volunteer, click HERE.

  • All programs are aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards and are designed to help teachers meet their curriculum goals.

  • Each program differs in content and is age-appropriate, with hands-on activities.

How can I get involved?

Contact Karyn Winters, BEA Director, for all inquires regarding Genesee County JA volunteer opportunities.

All volunteers must submit a volunteer application.  Click HERE to access the online volunteer application.


Program Information

Click on the picture icon for more information on each program.

Middle School
High School
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